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Allie and Victoria, alongside their three other sisters have been competing and performing around the United States, Canada, and Scotland since the ages of 5 and 6. 

Allie and Victoria have each won numerous prizes over the years, including more than 15 "Dancer of the Day" trophies. Allie won the Lakes and Prairies Championship as well as the Loch Norman Championship, and in 2015 was the 18 & over 5th Runner-Up in the United States National Championships. Victoria was a Midwest representative in the United States National Championships in 2012 and the Overseas Dancer of the Day in Luss, Scotland in 2013.

Both Allie and Victoria became accredited teachers through the Royal Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing (RSOBHD) and have been teaching together for more than 5 years.

Together, sisters Allie and Victoria work passionately to spread their love of dance throughout the Twin Cities.

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In addition to dancing, Victoria is very artistic and loves to paint and draw.

Allie & Victoria enjoy all things Scottish. Allie is also a tenor drummer in the Macalester Pipe Band and Victoria plays the bagpipes.

In addition to teaching Highland dance, Allie is also a high school math teacher. Teaching is in her blood!

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